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types of lighting in retail stores

Retail lighting can be broken down into four primary types: general/ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting. There are also many bulb options, like halogen, fluorescent, and LEDs. This retail store lighting guide will help you plan the right lighting, bulbs, and fixtures to brighten your store and spur sales.

While the right retail lighting can improve your store appearance and sales.


Why Retail Lighting Is Important to Your Business

Retail lighting is a key component in making customers feel at home in your shop and enticing them to buy. The right retail lighting does much more than simply illuminate your retail space. It sets the mood and atmosphere, guides shoppers to key areas, and provides an overall backdrop for your customer experience.


1. Learn the Four Different Types of Retail Lighting

Lighting-inspired moods are achieved by pairing two elementslight fixtures and light bulbsin various ways. How you combine these depends on your store’s lighting needs.


Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used to highlight specific areas, displays, and decor throughout your retail store. “The purpose of accent lighting is to make products pop and add a sense of importance. Various types of accent lighting are used to draw shoppers to particular areas in your store, such as products within shelving and nook displays, in windows, and on walls, as shown below.

Track lighting, adjustable downlights etc. can be a very perfect option.



Task Lighting

Task lighting is focused lighting used to illuminate areas where more lighting is needed for certain tasks or purposes. “Store checkout counters, dressing rooms, service desks, and back office and stockroom areas all benefit from task-specific lighting,” says Stern.

Desk lamp, floor lamp, linear pendant light, cabinet lights etc. all are good to choose.


Decorative Lighting

Decorative retail lighting adds a decorative element to the lighting tactics covered above. Decorative lighting is achieved by using a fixture with a certain aesthetic, such as a chandelier, set of pendant lights, or sleek track system to help define your store brand while filling an accent, task, or ambient lighting need.

Mirror lights, led strip lights, chandelier lights etc. are common to choose.


General (or Ambient) Lighting

General, also called ambient, lighting is the main light source for your store. “Ambient lighting fills in the gaps between the lighting used to highlight displays, counters, corners, and shelving,” says Stern. The overall purpose of general/ambient retail store lighting is to make customers feel comfortable in the space and provide enough light to safely explore the entire store, like these inviting boutiques, below.

Recessed downlight, panel light, led tubes, troffers etc. are common to choose


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