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What is Mirror LED light and How it is made

Mirror LED is a mirror with led light built-in which can light up in dark. So we can see ourselves clearly in the dark.


How mirror led be made

There are several ways to make.


Buying some designs with led built-in.

Like make up mirror led, bathroom mirror etc.

The only thing you need to do with them is power them then it will start work.

If you want to buy some mirrors check part of quake lighting options here



DIY your own mirror led light

Since mirror with led built-in usually is expensive than DIY your own. Plus the shipping cost when comes to big size also expensive you can also consider to retrofit your mirror with led by yourself. And this is a easy thing to do too.

Here to share you some methods about this.


1. DIY Mirror led with Light Bulbs

If you’re sick of the old school models, the DIY makeup mirror with lightbulbs is among the very best things out there. Not only is it a pleasure to use such a mirror, but it also looks nice as well. Plus, you can install it anywhere you want, and if you are near an electricity source, you can even add some power units to plug stuff in. Yes, this DIY vanity mirror is versatile as it is distinct, so you should check it out!


DIY Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror


You can still have a DIY vanity mirror that looks similar to one from Hollywood. This model shows that something like that is possible and it can be a very distinct, unique piece for you to enjoy. It’s by far one of the best options for sure, and it does tend to offer you a wide range of options.

It’s a nice thing to have, albeit a very large model. As a result, it can work great for the larger homes, not the small ones. But it’s still a pretty good option if you want value and quality as a whole. You should consider giving it a shot if you can, as it’s well worth it.




2. DIY Mirror led with Lighting fixture


This one may be a smaller unit, but it’s great if you want to use it solely for makeup. It looks very well, and its focus is on bringing you value and quality in a single package. And you can add some lighting sources above to make it look more impressive. It’s a very good idea to check this out, and it will indeed provide you with tons of value.



2. DIY Mirror led with Lighting fixture

You can also consider to buy some led tape light and stick them on the back of the mirror.

Which is a easy way to diy your own mirror led too.


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