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Types of Track Lighting

Track lighting is a very common but also beautiful lighting type in both residential and commercial places.

It is widely used in shops, museums, exhibition halls, hotels etc.


It is widely used but how to choose the right track lights for your places?

Let’s start from the types of track lights then you may have more ideas.


Different divide way will have different results.

Today we will introduce you two ways.


The first is divide from the track head.

There are a lot of track head for options, we will only introduce you 4 main kinds today.


Step Head

Step head track lights are the standard style and work with any décor type.


Round Back Head

Round back head track lights have a sleeker, more modern design.

Pinhole Head

Pinhole head track lights have a partially exposed back, giving them an industrial look.

Gimbal Head

Gimbal head track lights swivel 180 degrees and have a flat light surface that mimics movie camera lights.


The second is dividing from tracks

There are 3 kinds. H type, J type and L type.

The different types do have some similarities. For instance, all three standard track types can be single or dual circuit and all have similar accessories to allow customized layouts. All three also look basically the same from the outside but, as Aladdin has taught us, like so many things, it is not what is outside, but what is inside that counts. The types of track and their accessories are not interchangeable, so make sure you choose wisely. The H-type track is the only track system with a dedicated grounding bus bar. Don’t worry though, the J-type and L-type tracks are still grounded. They accomplish this through a grounding channel in the track, meaning it’s built into the track’s body.

One thing you’ll need to decide is whether you need a single or dual circuit track. Single circuit means all the track fixtures turn on and off together, while dual circuit gives you more control by allowing you to turn on a set number of fixtures at a time. Say you have a painting that you want a light to shine on, but you don’t need all eight of your track heads on. With a dual circuit track, you can turn on just the fixture aimed at your replica of the Mona Lisa, the seven other fixtures, or all eight at once. Dual circuit configurations have one more wire, typically called a bus bar.



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